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[03 Jan 2005|05:18am]

What irritates me more then anything in the world is the gay community. I have never seen so many immature, superficial, egotistical people in my entire life. Though I understand that not everyone in this community fits that description, unfortunately a vast majority do. I've noticed that people gain "empty popularity" at an incredibly fast pace in this community simply by having a good body, a quick wit, and/or attitude. I say empty because they show only sexual interest in these people, or they have been convinced that in order for them to be desired by other gay males they need to be seen with someone who is of "greater importance". They tend to trail behind the ones they desire like lost puppies with out a home and the minute they see a sign of rejection they go on the offensive, or flee from the one they followed for so long. It's just so incredibly plastic. Having been a friend, enemy, and neighbor of Noaheliasdeva, now a diver for ODU. I am disgusted by the amount of people who comment on his posts and his photos on his Myspace account, though in some pictures he is asking for it. It still repulces me. It's so obscene that my community is nothing more then a bunch of oversexed individuals, almost to the point where if you sleep with one person you've slept with the entire gay community in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Newport News combined. Disturbing.

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[ so it begins ] [19 Sep 2004|10:17pm]


Welcome to the vip_area.

I have an awful lot of pent up aggression, so I'm sure I'll be venting here on a regular basis. I expect any other member to do the same.

I really don't feel that there should be many rules, as it's simply a web journal, but I do expect one main guideline to be followed...

What is talked about in vip_area stays in vip_area.

If you do not want your posts to be seen by the masses, make them friends only - that way, only the members of this community will be able to see them.

Most importantly, enjoy. Hilarity ensues.

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